Wednesday, April 20, 2016

5 Main Jobs that Staffing Agencies Do while Conducting an IT Interview

What is the role of a staffing agency in providing recruitment services? Well, the very basic part that most Human Resource people do is arranging the candidates for various companies. They either conduct interviews within their organization or refer to various industries. When it comes to employees coming to their staffing services, their work areas and responsibilities become larger. As every industry, especially Information Technology is now bigger than before, so there is huge requirement of specialized and experienced people. Staffing companies like Amiga Informatics provides services that connect right job seeking applicants to right organizations.

Now if you have started an IT staffing company and candidates come for an interview in your organization, do the following tasks in a responsible manner…

1. Ask what kind of job the candidate is looking for: When a candidate comes for a job interview in your staffing service, ask him or her about what kind of job he or she is looking for. For instance, IT staffing service like Amiga Informatics would only provide IT jobs only. And if your company is engaged into various fields, then this task is required.

2. Ask for a resume: After this, ask for resume from the candidates and go through the whole curriculum vitae on detail. If possible, try to shortlist the applicants from their resume itself.

3. Ask for identification & Collect paperwork: Your third task is to identify their existence and collect necessary papers like certificates of qualifications and so on.

4. Take test of all candidates & select successful applicants for interview: Now you have to take the test of all candidates and select the successful ones for job practical interview. At last, choose the successful applicants and offer the employment opportunities.
5.    Get with successful candidates and perform other necessary checks: Now you are with the selected applicants who are perfect for the jobs. After offering job opportunity, your final task is to provide orientation class in which you have to tell about the rules and regulations, remuneration and other job related things to the employees.

In today’s world of technology, staffing companies like Amiga Informatics have become a key player in the HR market. They perform their job very well in finding the right job seekers for various posts and connect them with the leading players of various industries. So, I believe recruitment services are important for conducting every human resource task in a simple and an effective way.

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